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Window Film Myths Busted

Aug 22

Extreme temperatures are a part of almost every season, and this can affect your energy bill. Your HVAC unit can be working overtime whether you are constantly turning on the AC or heating the house. Let's say you had a way of keeping the heat out in the spring, summer, and keeping the heat in during the winter.

Window tinting your house or business with can reduce your energy costs.

Window tint prevents harmful infrared sunlight from entering your property. While there are many benefits to commercial windows tinting there are also some myths which can prevent people from making the investment. We've debunked five common myths about window tinting to raise awareness.

The 5 Myths of Window Tint

Window tints can cause damage for Low-E or dual-pane glass.

False. False.

To prevent thermal stress damage to seals and glass, it is essential to choose the right film type for each glass type. Our experts use a glass compatibility diagram to determine which type of tint will be most effective.

Low-E Glass will not have window tint as it already reflects infrared radiation.

False. False.

Low-E Glass allows you to apply lighter and clearer films, which helps preserve visibility and reduce the glare of the sun.

I don't need to purchase window tint that is identical.

False. You can't just choose the cheapest tint. You must strike a balance between heat, visibility of glare, shade, security, aesthetics, and price.

A professional window tint consultant can help you find the right balance. Professional consultants are knowledgeable about the differences between different window tint technologies. They can help to choose between Dual Reflective Technologies. Ceramic Nano Technologies. And Spectrally Selective low-E films.

What is the moral of this debunked legend? Window tint can be customized to fit your needs.

My window warranty is voided if you install window tint.

True. Mostly. This is the only myth in our list that seems to have merit. But, after careful analysis, it isn't.

The first thing to note is that window tinting can void most manufacturers' warranties. The good news: The good news?

It's a good point. We have a solution. Ask your window-film consultant if you are eligible for an extended warranty that covers the glass.

A window tint with a lifetime warranty guarantees it to be of high quality.

False. The quality and validity of a lifetime product warranty depends on who it is being provided. Window tint warranties don't come from the manufacturer. The warranty is instead provided by the installer, which is the manufacturer.

What does this all translate into for the guaranteed lifetime guarantee? It could spell doom for you, consumer. You may be exposed if the installer does not work for the manufacturer.

For this reason, window tint companies can direct hire installers. You can reap the rewards of this arrangement. Employed installers must pass background checks and drug screenings. All are covered under our company General Liability and Worker's Compensation Insurances.


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