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How to Clean a Vacation Rental?

May 30

How Do you Wash a Holiday Home?


A lot of people love to rent homes for vacation for their trips. More and more people are renting these properties because it's cheaper than staying in a hotel and there's always enough space for the entire family. But, you don't want to be at your rental property and discover that it requires some attention before you are able to stay there! Here are some tips on how to clean your holiday rental property to make sure there aren't any lingering smells or dirt.

How to Prevent Dirt and Smells on the vacation rental?

A lot of people love renting homes for vacation while traveling. These properties are cheaper than hotels and have ample space for everyone. You don't want to be disappointed when you arrive at your rental property to find it needs some renovation before you're in a position to stay.

Here we will give some tips on cleaning your vacation rental property so that you don't get any dirt or smells waiting to be discovered. These are a few simple steps to ensure that your home stays neat and tidy during your stay.

- Avoid using carpets that are filthy.

- Clean up spills as soon as they happen.

- Make sure to clean floors regularly.

- Keep your kitchen clean of dishes that are not well-done.

- Make use of a vacuum cleaner as often as you can.

To ensure your home is fresh and clean, make use of a dryer sheet.

- Wipe down counters and tables frequently.

- Keep food dishes empty and clean after every guest's stay.

Clean surfaces upon arrival

The process of disinfecting surfaces is among the most critical steps. It makes it easier to clean and helps keep smells and dirt from becoming a problem over time. It can also help keep your storage and fans clean. Vacuum the carpets prior to when you pack up your personal items. This will eliminate unpleasant odors. Make sure to clean all kitchen appliances and bathrooms to ensure your guests are comfortable.


Because they are exposed to dirt, floors are prone to become dirty, especially in kitchens that feature tiles or stone floors. Sweep the floors every day to remove dirt. A vacuum cleaner or mop could be an excellent option. Be sure to disinfect them as well. If the floor is dirty, it will be hard to keep your home clean.

Dusting & Cleaning Windows

Cleaning your windows is vital as it lets your renters be able to see the magnificence of the space they're staying at. Regular cleaning of windows will increase the amount of light and ventilation in rooms. When cleaning the windows, make sure they're completely dry after a rain or dew. To cleanse them, use vinegar and water to wash them. Dry the windows with soft cloths such as old T-shirts and microfiber rags.


If your walls have been cleaned properly, you will only have to wipe down any fingerprints or smudges. You can use a wet cloth for this purpose, but it is essential not to leave water puddles on the floor as they could be damaged by moisture and staining that is difficult to remove. These methods of cleaning work with all flooring materials, therefore, don't forget to use these when you move from rooms in your holiday rental.

Tips to Keep Your Apartment Clean and Fresh.

Take your cleaning items: Vacation rental properties should be cleaned at a minimum once per week, and more frequently during peak season when there is high occupancy. Managers and renters should make use of local professional cleaners as often as they can. They could visit their homes weekly or even daily, based on the amount of demand. To stop odors and dirt from causing problems for guests to come back, it is essential to wash thoroughly after each check-out before new arrivals arrive - especially if they will stay longer than one night.

Utilize the correct equipment: The best way to keep your vacation house clean between tenants is by having an ongoing agreement with either a self-standing cleaning business or an organization that deals with multiple vacation rental properties. The most effective tool for this job is to use a reliable, well-reviewed website like, where potential customers are able to read reviews written by others who have utilized the service before and be confident that it will be executed correctly every time.

Clean up cobwebs The most common characteristic of cleaning products is their strong chemical scent. This could leave a scent that lingers on bedding, clothing, and even upholstery. It is important to read the labels on the products you use for cleaning to ensure that they are safe and safe for your family, especially if there are young children.

Do not use harmful chemicals There are plenty of chemical-free options to make your home an inviting place for tenants. The most simple and quick fix is using vinegar, baking soda, or even cat litter to remove the smells that come from cooking in the oven - that should be turned off completely prior to vacating at the end of each rental. Charcoal activated is another option to help reduce unpleasant smells after cleaning pets.

Use natural cleaning products: One good way to keep dirt levels low during the summer months while offering guests a spotless place they can enjoy spending their vacation in is to make use of natural cleaners. The most effective method to accomplish this is to mix 1 cup of white vinegar with one gallon of warm, hot water, and then add essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, and citrus for scent - especially if you're concerned about guests having allergies while staying in your home for a vacation.

Utilize a vacuum cleaner: Vacuums are essential devices in any home for swiftly and effectively removing dirt from all surfaces. But not every model of the vac is created equally! It can be challenging to operate upright models while standing, especially when you have more than one floor.

Make sure your property is fresh and clean: One quick and easy way to minimize odors between tenants is to put dryer sheets in cabinets or drawers in a way that they aren't soaked; however, this method doesn't get rid of unpleasant smells like pet urine which can remain behind after you've cleaned throughout the day. It is also possible to employ baking soda and vinegar to clean the area where your pets rest. It may take just a few minutes to get rid of the smell.

Keep a well-stocked pantry: Finally, if you have pets in your home, it's essential to ensure that the food bowls are filled with fresh water between each guest so that there are no smells that linger from the feces of your pet or cat, or hair left behind after guests arrive next week. This is also true for toys that have become dirty. Clean them often and then store them away from the ground away from areas where guests will be walking around during their stay. This is especially important if kids underfoot try to play with these toys as playground equipment while they're out exploring on vacation with parents!

Hire a professional cleaner like NW Maids: You can also hire professionals who understand how vital cleanliness is within the homes of vacationers. They're equipped with the right equipment required to ensure that every square inch is pristine and ready for new guests to come over for their next trip! These suggestions can be useful to future renters. But hiring someone else to clean your space will allow you to concentrate on other essential tasks.


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